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As avid and passionate DIYers and home-improverment nuts, we wanted to create a plentiful and reader friendly resource for other like-minded people on the web. Our aim is to offer as much cost and time saving  help, tips and advice on all topics in around your home.

5 Simple Ideas To Redesign Your Bathroom on a Tight Budget

Newly Refurbished Bathroom with white units
There is a common misconception that bathroom remodeling cannot be done on a budget. While it is true that hiring handyman services Swansea companies can cost you at least £2,000/£3,000 for bathroom renovation, you can do the job yourself and spend as little as £500. The changes you’ll make will determine the cost of the project, but the results will…

8 Steps Yo Must Follow When Fitting Your Own Kitchen

White Kitchen With Furniture and Appliances
If you want to fit a new kitchen, the choice you have to make is to either hire reputable local kitchen fitters,  or take the plunge and attempt to do it yourself. Choosing the latter could seem daunting and much will depend on the work involved, the size, and style. However if you do fancy rolling up your sleeves and…

Dummies Guide to Skip Hire

A Guide to Skip Hire
Hiring a skip can be a difficult task for anyone who hasn’t done it previously. Local skip rental companies can often assume you are familiar with all the procedures and jargon for skip hire. When faced with questions involving different building materials, cubic yards, and other jargon, a newbie can quickly and easily get confused. Here is a dummies guide…


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