Building an house Extension

Thinking about building a home extension but you’re concerned about whether you have the sufficient funds to fiance the venture? It goes without saying, extending your home is no small project, and can cost a pretty penny to complete. However, building an extension doesn’t have to break the bank, there are a range of ways that you can build your dream extension project on a budget. In this article, we are going to find out how.

1. Stick To The Basics

Ask yourself, do you really need a uniquely shaped extension with a roof that would look out of place in wonderland? While this might seem like an appealing idea, keeping to ta basic shape and design will greatly lower the cost of your extension. But simplicity doesn’t have to mean boring – after all, less is more!

2. Plan, Plan And Plan Some More

It can be all too easy to go rushing in with the hopes of getting your extension finished quickly. However, if you’re working to a tight budget then the best way to get everything you want is to spend a good chunk of time researching your options and planning every detail down to the very core. You might just stumble across something that saves you a lot of money.

Extending your home on a budget

3. Think About Where Your Extension Will Go

If you want to save on hefty labour costs, avoiding additional ground work will definitely help in this area. If you want to place your extension somewhere where the ground will need to be heavily excavated and prepared, then you are going to face higher costs.

4. Don’t Go OTT With Fixtures And Fittings

It is a lovely idea to be able to have a range of custom fixtures and fittings that bring your own personality flooding into your new extension but the reality is that these come with a much higher price tag. Why not consider going off the shelf in an attempt to save a lot of money and stay within your budget. These days there are some beautiful pieces and even though they may not unique to you, they will certainly create a stunning aesthetic appeal.

5. Recycle

The world revolves around recycling now that people are more aware of how it is not only good for the planet but also a massive money saver. If you have existing materials that can be reused in the building of your extension then it makes sense to make use of them.

6. Take Your Time Finding A Builder

It’s no secret that there are plenty of cowboys out there who will charge an arm and leg for seriously substandard work, so it will greatly benefit you to take the time to find the right builder for your project. Make sure to take a detailed look at their reviews, policies and previous work and don’t be afraid to ask questions-a good builder will readily supply you with the right answers.

New Kitchen Home Extension

7. Avoid Planning Fees

With any building comes the dreaded planning permission, however there are certain rules and regulations in place that allow for certain structures to be erected without planning permission. This means that the fees associated with gaining this will be eliminated. So work closely with your architect to ensure that the design meets these standards.


Building the perfect extension doesn’t have to be a pipe dream, there are plenty of ways in which you can create that extra living space on the smallest of budgets. So whether its recycling or researching