It’s going to happen one day so you might as well just bite the bullet. If you are a homeowner then someday you will need the services of a decent and reliable construction company in Swansea.

But if it’s your first time then it might fill you with panic. After all, not everyone is an expert and for many of us, DIY is more DI-don’t!

So, who do you turn to when your floorboards collapse or you really need the drains unblocking? Here we have compiled a short guide to choosing the right building contractors in the Swansea area – what to watch for and what to avoid.

Cold Shoulder- Avoid Construction Companies Cold Calling

First things first, NEVER employ someone who cold calls to your house. Genuine builders are busy people and they do not have the time to go door to door touting for trade.

Any good home builder in the Swansea area will be booked up in advance and is unlikely to be chasing business in person.

Go With Your Gut: The Appearance Of Your Building Contractors

When meeting your potential contractor, be sure to switch on your radar. What are your first impressions of this person? Do they seem trustworthy? How do you feel about them?

In addition to your gut instinct, there are few other things to watch out for.

If the contractor is too squeaky clean, then it may pay to be suspicious. Most working builders are not scrubbed clean or professionally dressed. They are likely to have come from a job and be in work clothes. If someone is too presentable it is possible they are not a genuine construction worker.

Likewise, they are likely to be driving an unmarked van and less likely to turn up in a flash car or arrive on foot.

Word of Mouth: Go Old School to Find The Best

When it comes to choosing the best construction company, we advise all our clients to go old school and rely on word of mouth.

Wherever possible, go on personal recommendations from friends and family when it comes to hiring.

Testimonials online are all well and good, but a personal recommendation is worth a hundred internet reviews.

Signed, Sealed, and Delivered: Get It In Writing

Before hiring any building contractors in Swansea, we advise you to get it in writing. This means written quotations, a written contract and a written receipt for work.

We would suggest you get three quotes before choosing a contractor and make sure they are quotes and not just estimates, which may change.

A written contract need not be complicated, but it lets everyone know where they stand in the project. Pay particular attention to the cost, timescale and troubleshooting any issues that may come up.

Check Their Reputations

Take care to not only ask for, but to check the qualifications of all construction companies who give you a quote.

This means making sure their certificates are genuine and checking if they are members of a professional association.

Follow these simple tips and you won’t go wrong with your home building project!