Decorating Your House Like A Pro

The need to paint and decorate is an inevitable job for all home and property owners. While renovating and sprucing up your house can be a little challenging, it isn’t impossible, especially when you have the right tips and guidelines that can even make the job enjoyable. A painting and decorating job that you do yourself can give your home or property the transformation you want, but you still have to be strategic about how you handle it.

  1. Prepare

All the good decorators will tell you that the first step in every painting job is usually adequate preparation. This is a crucial step that will ensure your DIY decoration looks like a job done by professionals. Start by filling any holes on your walls and sanding them to get rid of any roughness. Find a place for your furniture and everything else that could be damaged by paint. You can move the furniture to the center of the room as you work on the walls, but make sure you cover them with a drop cloth. Mask everything with the right tape that will not peel off the surface when you remove it. Try to avoid masking tapes because they are difficult to remove. Unscrew the switches and store them safely before you prepare the surface.

painting and decorating your house yourself


  1. Choose your tools

Even a job done by professional painters and decorators will look shabby if the right tools are not used. High-quality painting tools may be a little expensive, but they are effective in their functionality. There are different high-quality brushes and rollers you can choose to get the finishing you desire. When using the roller, clean its sides frequently to prevent tramlines that can result from paint build up. You should also clean your brush with a damp cloth to prevent a build-up of paint.

  1. Choose your paint

When choosing paint, start by visualizing what you want the room to look like. Determine whether you want the room to be warmer or cooler with neutral or saturated colors. Factor in the furniture and furnishings you may have and how they will blend in or contrast with the new colours you’re visualizing. You can then get a few shades of the colours you have pictures to test them out. If they don’t give you the results, you hoped for you can change them.

  1. Be systematic

It’s always a good idea to start with the ceiling before painting the walls. Have enough paint so that you won’t have to reload regularly and use a bigger brush that will cover the cutting between the walls and ceiling. To get a clear line between the ceiling paint and the wall paint, bring down the ceiling paint past the corners then cut the wall paint at that point before reaching the corner to get a better line. If you can’t remove your doors to paint them, you can mask the hinges and remove the handles.


Remember to stir your paint using a wooden stick throughout the job. If you’re not sure about the quantity of paint you’ll need or you may even decide that you need a professional to tackle your home decorating job after all, then seek the assistance of a expereinced and specialist Swansea painter and decorator.